"Verses for Stand Watie’s Grave, Polson Cemetery, Oklahoma" by ~lagrev-nocfep

by ~darlur, published on

From the Old Country you came
having grasped the last straw
to corral your people on the outside
of a fence even one more time.

They cursed your name & stirred
up calumny & assassination.
Degataga, you spat in their eyes
to wrest again a future from silt.

& when at length you found
more to keep faith with you,
they failed & the cut reed smote
your hand once more for fey all.

While full of percussive intensity
the wretches came to carry away
every secured insecurity
built with your own hands.

You lie now in a quiet corner at an ell—
that a man’s labor may be spent & end
in thirty square feet & ithyphallic obelisk
a view soon obscured by Sooners

My manic sons dance in the distance
making ribald rhymes of your name.
Forgive me—they will learn to voice
its story with Forrest, Jackson, Lee.


Assonance in grasped and last, spent & end, and manic and dance, which line also alliterates dance & distance after came & carry, Country & came.

One wants to know whether is a name for the device wherein the last letters of the preceding word are the first letters of the following: last straw.

wow. super nice. thanks for sharing. inspires me.