"Basic Economics" by Thomas Sowell -- reviewed by ~nallux-dozryl

by ~darlur, published on

This book is perhaps the best starting point for anyone who is interested in learning economics from a behavorial and social perspective. Basic Economics is a simple, straight forward book that is very easy to read. However, don't let its simplicity turn you off. If you ever wondered how certain human decisions can affect a large population, this book shows you the action and consequences of decision makers in a clear and concise manner.

Many people are put off by Economics because of numbers and statistics. Worry not, Basic Economics avoids this entirely. This book is a general overview of how Thomas Sowell expects the reader to view economics as well as give the reader a scaffold in delevoping economic understanding.

This book was written for the general reader, avoiding jargons and technical explanations. If I can summarize this book in one sentence, it would be "simple and elegant".

In my eyes, Basic Economics is a must read for anyone trying to navigate the 21st century, especially with so much political turmoil at our doorstep.

P.S. If you have read this book and want more, check out the follow up to this book -- Applied Economics.